"The signification and aesthetics of poetry"
by Yiannis Zisis
Is art in the end obscurity of meaning?
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"Man and time"
by Yiannis Zisis
The time has now come for us to look at our experience in relation to open duration...
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"Towards a culture of peace"
by Yiannis Zisis
The inner apprehension of the spirit of peace is a matter for each one of us;
"Symbolic idolisation"
by Yiannis Zisis
Our cultural heritage has many symbols - myths which are encoded inheritances of the roadmap for the spirit...
"Between mechanical and poetic everyday life"
by Yiannis Zisis
Human civilisation is tyrannised by a mechanical approach to the world.
"On the road to disarming self-deception"
by Yiannis Zisis
We live in the Now, we do not live in the idol of desire.
"The need for man to be positive and to cast off his passivity"
by Ioanna Moutsopoulou
Human life has been very much taken captive by...
"Time liberates us"
by Yiannis Zisis
...humanity must start shifting its focus from the sinews of self-interest to the sinews of spirituality...
"Psychology and the undiscovered self"
by Yiannis Zisis
Psychology, as long as it seeks to discover the nature of consciousness...
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"Peaceful development - Civilisation and barbarism in the twenty-first century"
by Yiannis Zisis
Civilisation is to be judged on two levels: the individual and the collective...
"The need for thinking and responsibilities for our way of thinking"
by Ioanna Moutsopoulou
...none of the world's problems is going to be solved if man does not...
"The quest for the soul of the self and of the cosmos"
by Yiannis Zisis
...within this unified duration, 'now' is complete, it is eternal...
"Giving shape to an idea"
by Yiannis Zisis
"We should do it again": this was the answer of Immanuel Kant when...
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"The mystery of time which imbues the world"
by Yiannis Zisis
we all go about our ways in the dimension of the mystery of time which imbues everything...
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"The Poetic Field of the Soul and of Nature"
by Ioanna Moutsopoulou & by Yiannis Zisis
It is now time for us to serve nature and its beings in the evolved recovery of the life of Eden with the greatest no-harm and...
"The magical quality of poetry"
by Yiannis Zisis
Poetry brings out the self-referentiality of the consciousness and its creative internalisation...
"The power of everyday practices"
by Ioanna Moutsopoulou
It is a well-known fact that man experiences a split between his private everyday routine and...
"The self-knowledge meaning of happiness and human relations"
by Ioanna Moutsopoulou
The redefinition of love, desire, and freedom
"Historical awareness and responsibility"
by Yiannis Zisis
Freedom devoid of any content and with its responsibility sterile becomes the means for an inner barbarisation of democracy.