Les Miserables


‘Outside the window

a canary sings

the joy of life

even if the space is small

between the grey concretes of a soulless life,

without graces of green

in the song, the seeds, and the water.

It was the test of the angels

how possible it was for them to come close to men.


An aesthetic neoplasia roused up

troubled by the outermost traces of life,

it hated the birds’ songs,

it was disturbed every time it heard frogs croaking,

and the speech of the cock-crow sounded like another life

for a Herod who brings the dead silence of the grave.


What was it then without the kindness of the soul?

This is the learning cycle for all.

However many laws and however much wrathful power we raise up,

there stands an exhausting end for our bounds,

until that time when with a touch and feeling of soul

we will remember the Communion of Eden. …’


From the poem ‘Les Miserables’, by Yiannis Zisis

Cycle V: Crisis

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(Photograph by Yiannis Zisis)