The Allegory of the Sun


At one time, in that age

when our soul was stirred in joy

in the carefreeness of life’s sunlight,

which, together with it

in the very middle of imagination,

brought sprites and heroes,

magical palaces in unknown forests

and kings of a forgotten era,

the sun shone joyfully,

a friend of children’s eyes

in the dark corners,

on the long journeys and in the dreams

which were frightened in the dark.


But the years of maturity,

instead of increasing the light on the wings of knowledge,

drifted out to murky depths,

steeped in violence,

sought a little light

to dissolve the darkness

from a sun-king made for men.


But what sceptre reached

that fiery hand

and what king’s crown

in this sea of fire

stood unscathed?


And the time came

when the pedestals and the symbols were demolished,

only men were in need of them,

and the crowns and sceptres were lost,

vanished in the dust of earth.

But indestructible and unseen meaning stands

behind the fiery figure.

Seas of boundless meanings

sweep the worlds, far from the grasping of science.


The grass and the flowers

know better the pleasures

which are scattered lavishly on the bright pathways,

in the breath of the simple touch,

in the triumph shout of brotherhood,

from love, unity and an ineffable aim.

Humbler than the greatness of the weak,

freer than the symbols of power,

more joyful than the crushing of depression

more travelled than the structures of man,

warmer than the freezing touch of greed.


But who knows what is the price

for this love,

unceasing in time,

blind to sin?

What then is it that caresses with loving care:

the foolish laughter of life

or our soul’s shadowy route

in the morasses of life?

The symbols of mindlessness stand unprotected

in the burning brightness of the ray.

The meaning of love is new,

it has showed itself out of reach

of the tentacles of greed

and perhaps we shall not have time to hide

from the persistent ray of brotherliness.


(Photograph by Yiannis Zisis)