The Dream of the Lavender


Here is the resurrection!

A flower pot at the opening of the window

muses on the worlds,

apart from man – in its courtyard.

The lowly clay

has afforded a house for a spark of life,

which has grown and shot up

with wrinkled woody boughs

and little grey-green leaves,

which is like a fabric of a dream

in the wonder of the morning.


So many summers and winters

the lavender like a carefree elf

has scattered its fragrance

from its own house

and awakes memories of childlikeness

in the bleak meadows of materiality,

choked by the parasites

of desire and thought.’


From the poem ‘The Dream of the Lavender’, by Ioanna Moutsopoulou

Cycle II: The Thread of Wholeness

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(Photograph by Yiannis Zisis)