The Innermost Sea


A deserted shore in gold

travels in the expanse of the brain,

but I don’t know whether in time it was real

or a refuge of the inner need.

It was not for the joys and the games

of a carefree life,

but for that spaciousness

of my soul, which sought

that place where its graces will see

as the mirroring of the homeland

made up of freedom and light,

worthy of the love which blew it a breath

in order for the spirit not to feel exiled.


Boundless golden grains of the earth

spread on the sea’s shore,

a sea itself born of the sun,

but wrapped in the sound of its silence

wishing to hear

the call of the other sea,

which next to it rages merrily

and tells stories of those hidden worlds,

which the sand does not know,

and, ecstatic, sees them unfolding

in the wings of the imagination.

But nor is this about the seagulls,

whom it knows so well,

nor about the great waves,

which, free of care, foam before it,

nor about the cool which they bring

like a gift of that friendship

which has been forged

between the sea of the land and of the water

from the ancient years,

so ancient that no man

shall remember them.

It is about the mermaids

in the mythical palaces of the sea

with the tail of a fish and the body of a human,

but these do not approach the grace of the sand,

in the depths of the sea they have lived since long ago

and their magic they keep well hidden.

And the shore greatly wished it-

to see such figures of fable upon itself,

what was visible was not enough to give an aim to life.

The sea tried hard to play joyfully on the sand

with waves, with foam and roaring,

but the shore remained sad all the time.

The blue waters tired of playing constantly

and became so calm

that you could hardly tell apart

the land and the water

which silence joined them in their meaning.

‘Eternal companion’, murmured the wave

‘I may play easily,

but my aim is unknown to me

and that greatly torments me –

and when the remembrance of this wakes me at night,

I begin my games

and torment others.’

And both remained calm

in the certainty of feeling, that strange one

to find that invisible answer

for life to be meaningful.


And one sun-drenched day,

a beautiful woman enveloped in veils,

modestly sat down on the edge of the sand.

Tearful she held a handful of sand

and looks in ecstasy at the blue sea.

‘How beautiful it is here!

The golden sand brings a message of peace,

from other, distant, worlds, invisible to the eye,

and the blue sea so much joy, so much life

that has healed the sadness of my heart.’

At the edge of the shore she walked alone on tiptoe

until at last she disappeared as if into the depths of a dream.

Only one veil remained spread on the sand.

And the two seas were perturbed

in the depths of their heart.

The sand believed that she was a mermaid

but the sea countered that she was simply a human

who heard the lament of their heart.

And ever since, on a branch left in the sand,

the veil flutters in beauty

like a banner of an inmost freedom

on the thread of the aim that the beings have engraved

in the sea of life so as not to miss the road.


(Photograph by Yiannis Zisis)