The Voyages of Darwin ~ The Galapagos are within us


Remnants of primeval life,

worlds without versatile men,

lonely islands,

uninhabited by the prejudices of men.


There sprang up the Tree of Forms,

knowledge for us

the fruit of the voyages to the unknown Eden.


There was between us

the most ancient bond of blood,

through the grace of the animals.


The forms were fashioned with years of eternity

between us and them,

an indigenous beauty.


It was in the Galapagos

and at the other utmost bounds of man

that the traces of life existed,

with the creatures of time

and the likenesses between us and them.


We looked at the characters,

they seemed alike,

only that those stood more ingenuous

without the depth of the art of play-acting

and it was plain that some of them were like us

in appearance.


Thus a voyage brought a greater bond of brotherhood.

I accept it,

though Darwin was preparing for other voyages

with a nuance of human spirit

between the theatres and the meadows.