The war of the bodies


But the new world was dark,

understanding dimly glinted through the multiplicity of veils.

Nothing was to be given easily

in that perilous darkness

where life strove

to hold on to the ship of forms,

while all around the storm of the bodies raged furiously,

there where the death of one

was life for the other.

Men in their weakness were dragged

into that orgy of corporeality …

violence and blood marked out the road

to a dark future

which seemed to have no end.

Each moment in the universe of the beings

was forged by violence

in that titanic age of ignorance,

where the meanings of the world slept

in the soul’s silent thought

and only disturbed the sleep of ignorance

with dreams of extinction

in the trenches of an imprisoned selfhood,

awaiting that future age

hidden in the Eternal Now

where upheaval would snap the shackles

of the grim blindness

which concealed the lost glory.


Ancient eras filled with darkness,

experience was dragged to the extremities of pain,

because joy does not dwell in the dark of blindness

but waits for the light of morn

to flash upon the eyes of the heart …

the other eyes see only shadows

and frontiers with names written

about an unknown identity

which dwells in the miracle of the bodies.

(Photograph by Yiannis Zisis)