The Window


‘Can’t you see that window

which my deathless soul

has opened on the world?

The messages of brotherhood

from that immortal centre

which a mortal has never seen

pour forth impetuously,

sparks of an unknown selfhood

which from the world’s beginning does battle

with that primeval delusion about the void.


The hearing was built

and the world flooded with voices,

the touch revealed the beings

to the pulse of life;

how many possibilities they taste

and smell

behind the bolts of the castles,

and the eye comes to sweep

the distances of nature and the brain,


And outside the window

the senses dance

like weightless nereids- …’


From the poem ‘The Window’, by Ioanna Moutsopoulou

Cycle II: The Thread of Wholeness

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(Photograph by Yiannis Zisis)