The World of a Stone


‘Christmas presents were piled up, many,

enclosed in gold-ornamented boxes,


Beauties in the breath of the momentary,

worn out almost from the beginning of their life,

thoughts of space, defenceless,

which on a rough road strive to find

that innermost fleeting flash,

where eternity hides, unseen

from the profane glances of the eye,


Keep whatever you like

but don’t look upon it as an insignificant absence.

Longing is insatiable, but knows nothing,

ignorance is its home

where souls don’t enter,

not because they cannot

but because the ignorance is not true. …’


From the poem ‘The World of a Stone’, by Ioanna Moutsopoulou

Cycle I: The Lost Self

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(Photograph by Yiannis Zisis)