To the Unknown Animal


The smiles of life had died,

in the white hair stood the meanings,

but without the earlier brilliance

which blinded the eye

and built towers of errors and falsehood.


Loneliness had swept away the cunning shadows,

because truth is painful,

which is why it has no towers to enter,

only distress filled in its passage

the happy places.


But where is the beauty of truth,

for whose sake so many souls have sung

of other distant worlds

which would come to dissolve the darkness

in an outburst of joy?


But this beauty did not wish

to dress up in the gaudy garments,

in the glory of simplicity it dwelt,

where great words were unneeded

and there remained only the souls with their meanings

to roam the worlds calmly,

in forms whose grace travelled

in the eyes of the beings.


What is this small heap

which lies there in front of the door

of the lonely old house,

which has housed so many generations of men

and now has remained alone with the shadows?


The aged head bent down to see,

but hope was extinguished long before,

that something new was to come

to dispel grief.


A small dog, nameless in the world,

which the human eye wanted to pass by

like a burden not worth lifting

in a life where expectations were betrayed.


But some secret glimmer flickered in the gaze

which looked at the man with guileless hope

for a loving kindness elusive in the light

which would melt away the loneliness

in the thrills of games.


Here is companionship in its strange journey

on the roads on which it has itself chosen to come,

far from the towers of vanity

which the mind built long ago,

and it awaits the lightning of hidden beauty

to stretch out the hand in brotherhood.


The worlds met and loneliness was defeated.

In the artless look joyful secrets are concealed

and the shadows are lost in the caresses of loving care.


The relations of humans have faded,

the shells of habit have broken

beyond the partitions of the mind

which tormented the companionableness of the heart

which sought for rest

from the storm of negation which swept

the society of men with the names.


Everything differed and the relationship seemed out of reach,

but that gaze was in common,

of the soul which looked upon the world

as an expectation of joy redeeming

from those dark dreams

which slaughter the inner meaning

and leave the bodies empty.



to joy hiding

in the guileless look,

tearing the gloomy shadows of life apart

and making new affectionate worlds,

where the frontiers are broken down

and the lies of happiness humiliated;

to that unknown animal

who dwells in each heart’s hope

and awaits the day

when the masks will fall

and the worlds will become one.


(Photograph by Yiannis Zisis)