Human thought spread instead of the Soul,

but knowledge raised the New Babel

at the crossroads of science

and instead of beating the semantra of freedom

for all the worlds of the earth,

it joyously sang only for man

in the passing away of new power.


Only desires and deceits dwell

in the palace of gloom,

tatters of vanity stream in the wind

instead of banners of glory

and man still does not know

that he has been exiled from his own country.


There is the world like grandeur spread out.

But the touch was not a touch of beauty,

but a darkness which oppressed the flesh of the earth,

not for new beauty but for a prison

even greater.


At the edge of the world hangs

that inexorable chasm, which has filled

with barren desires and absence of soul.

But opposite glimmers the country of the Soul,

simple in a glory of peace,

within the world and outside of it. …’


From the poem ‘The Soul of the Beings – Today’, by Ioanna Moutsopoulou

Cycle IV: The Soul of the Beings

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(Photograph by Yiannis Zisis)